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Bitcar is a TIP Mexico company that specializes in offering an innovative vehicle leasing service completely remotely for individuals.
Bambú Mobile becomes Bitcar’s strategic ally with the design and development of a web platform for sellers and dealers, which seeks to digitalize the quoting and monitoring process to a new process in Mexico (leasing)
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+ than 10K models in catalog
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First car leasing platform in Mexico
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More than 50 car brands in catalog
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Eco-sustainable company

Challenges of the organization

Bit car was looking to have a technological ally to help it improve its internal organization through digitalization, for which it needed:
Standardize operations to guarantee the continuity of the business model.
Generate a tool that allows timely access to relevant information, seller and dealer procedures.
Achieve an increase in vehicle leasing.
Ensure that the page looks and works correctly in different browsers and versions.
Facilitate the quoting process through an intuitive and pleasant user experience.
Ensure data protection and access to sensitive information in accordance with legal regulations.

How did Bambú resolve it?

UI/UX research and design practices to identify existing processes for the operation of the business model.
Mapping of key processes and development of a technological system to conform to defined standards and processes.
Creation of web design with Davinci to ensure the responsive design of the page.
Use AWS Well Architected
Protect access to information with the integration of Mati and Mifiel as tools for controlling actions based on biometric recognition.
Incorporation of Salesforce, Oracle, Angular, Docker, Node Js in the app support structure.

Business impact

Improvement and digitization of the quoting process.
Quick follow-up in the hiring process.
Process status control.
Access and update of information in real time.

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