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Leading company in bottled water consumption achieves traceability of its assets in the supply chain
Bambú Móvil becomes Bonafont’s strategic ally for the implementation of a national Internet of Things project with QR Code technology, which allows the traceability of each of the jars within the supply chain process.
Leading Mexican company in the food and beverage sector.
5000 employees.
It sells more than 1,440 million liters a year.

Challenges of the organization

The organization sought to strengthen its market leadership and improve customer satisfaction through digital services.
Definition of a list of viable operation processes to delimit the functional scope of the software.
The organization had to standardize internal processes for each of the plants that allowed the integration and adaptation of technology (software and hardware).
Adaptation of the software in the current infrastructure of the organization.

How did Bambú resolve it?

Bonafont becomes a strategic partner of Bambú Mobile to provide support in the definition and implementation of a digital transformation project through QR codes that allows control and traceability of the jugs.
Consulting on Digital Transformation of operation processes.
Integration of Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for the parameterization, scope and feasibility of the use of the technology.
Use of agile methodologies for the construction of operating systems.
Implementation of a comprehensive solution composed of software and hardware together.
Continuous integration and adaptation of hardware according to the needs of each plant.

Business impact

Obtaining data that allows improvement in processes and business decision making.
Improvement in annual production planning of jugs.
Opening to the possibility of our strategies aimed at the final consumer.

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