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Lockton is the world’s largest company in the insurance sector. Currently, he is a leader in services as a risk, benefits, actuarial consulting, insurance and surety consultant.
Bambú Mobile becomes Lockton México’s strategic ally with technical diagnosis for the identification and improvement of opportunity areas of the Bflex platform.
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More than 100 offices around the world
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+ than 8.5K collaborators
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+ 65K clients

Challenges of the organization

Lockton México was looking for a way to improve its digital channel, for which it required its technological ally to help it:
Identify possible security gaps in authentication or data exposure.
Diagnose the scalability of the source code in terms of the current and future performance of the application.
Evaluate application performance in terms of loading times, response speed, and efficiency in using your platform's current resources.
Define improvements or desired changes in the application.
Evaluate how the proposed changes may affect the application as a whole and determine how they would interact with existing functionality.

How did Bambú resolve it?

Technical audit of the Lockton application to make the appropriate diagnosis.
Provision of development service to adequately respond to each of the identified needs.
Modifications to the MVVM architecture pattern, to carry out the separation of the user interface section from the logical part without affecting the functionality of the app during its modification.
Modifications of security breaches and optimization of resources and libraries with management of Angular, Typescript, Node and Java.
Performance estimates in relation to app growth.

Business impact

Improvement in user experience.
Reduction of site loading time.
Cleaning libraries and code.
Service optimization.
Restructuring and updating the project version.

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