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The Mexico City Metro is a metropolitan train-type public transportation system that serves extensive areas of Mexico City. The development serves for the operational and informative control of the operations and movements of the CDMX metro trains.
Bambú Mobile becomes the strategic ally of the Mexico City Metro for the construction of a very innovative digital control channel, with the objective of seeing train movements, obtaining movement history, stay times and averages, statistics and image recognition with AI models.
195 stations and 12 lines
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226 km of roads.
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5 million users travel daily

Challenges of the organization

The organization sought to strengthen its market leadership and improve customer satisfaction through digital services.
The company had to standardize processes, guaranteeing continuity, control and growth of the business
I added a digital modality through the web system and the procedures for: Refunds, agent policy management and claims management were redesigned.
Innovate the employee experience through the digital system

How did Bambú resolve it?

Business impact

See train movements
Stay times and averages
Movement history

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