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National company in the automotive sector evolves its traditional sales business model to digital
Bambú Mobile becomes the strategic ally of Grupo Excelencia for the construction and definition of the digital channel for the commercialization of new and pre-owned cars under a lease or sale concept.
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+ 100 Employes
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+ 40 Automotive Agencies
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11 Brands with nationwide operation
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+70 Years of industry experience

Challenges of the organization

The organization sought to strengthen its market leadership and improve customer satisfaction through digital services.
The corporation had to standardize the processes for obtaining vehicle inventory in all its branches and thus guarantee business continuity and optimize costs.
Standardize your IT operations and drive continuous improvement in all technology areas.
Change of mindset of managers towards the construction of a digital business model.
Innovate the customer experience towards the brand.

How did Bambú resolve it?

Movex sought a strategic partner to embark on a digital transformation initiative in order to develop a web platform where the car catalog can be consulted to attract end customers. Use of agile methodologies for the construction of innovative digital products.
Consulting service was provided for the review of processes from the operational and IT part, identifying improvements
Defining the digital transformation strategy for the company, meeting the company's priorities and customer expectations.
Bambú consolidated the IT process in a single cloud-based platform for clients and an administrator portal from where they can manage the information necessary for it.

Business impact

Increase in revenue and sales due to the creation of the digital channel.
Optimum control, monitoring and efficiency of the requests that customers generate through a sales advisor.
Improved customer experience.
Positioning of Grupo Excelencia as an avant-garde company and leader in the sector.

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