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Safe Rentals is a startup company that offers the exclusive vehicle rental service with a driver for business trips or personal use, allowing greater safety and comfort for the user.
Bambú Mobile becomes the strategic ally of Safe Rentals with the design, development and creation of a mobile application that allows account management, partner control and federal permits, among other data.
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Service in the main cities of Mexico and the United States.
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Associated with the best mobility companies (Uber / DiDi)
With federal permission for free transit in airports.

Challenges of the organization

Safe Rentals was looking for a way to grow its business with the opening of a new digital channel, for which it looked for a technological ally to help it:
Carry out maintenance and improvements to the app.
Understanding of the business model and technical documentation.
Integrate a developer to delegate digital tasks and allow managers to concentrate on tasks in the client and business area.
Opening of a new digital channel that allows customer affinity.
Standardization of processes with a technological system for requesting federal permits, registrations, etc.
Ensuring account management and federal permit information involves sensitive and private data.
Design an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface for efficient partner and user management.
Enabling a safe and secure payment system.

How did Bambú resolve it?

Application of abstraction processes with a technological system to ensure the continuity of the business model.
Understanding and defining the scope and functionalities that each system program proposal would have.
Use of agile methodologies to review and clean the source code and current state of the platform.
Potential user research practices, to ensure adequate UI/UX design and development.
Integration of mechanisms to allow administrative procedures to be carried out through the app.
Integration of secure payment systems in the app.
Web development of the mobile app based on FireBase, Laravel to ensure security backups and an intuitive and user-friendly design.

Business impact

App optimization.
Increase in use of the app.
Facilitation of processes and digitization of administrative procedures.
Implementation of web payments.
Optimization in business task management.
Practical management of federal permits for free movement for drivers.
Better management and protection of sensitive information.
Increase in productivity and organization of partners.

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