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Servifacil is a 100% Mexican gas group that provides different business solutions for fuel supply, fleet control and much more.
Bambú Mobile becomes Servifacil’s strategic ally with the design and development service of 5 applications for administration and marketing of an electronic fuel wallet.
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+ 54 years of experience.
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1st in all its consumption regions.
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Certified supplier with Pemex Aditec® Technology
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Presence throughout the Mexican Republic.

Challenges of the organization

Servifacil looked for a way to diversify the line of services while improving its internal organization and image before the client, for which it needed a technological ally to help it:
Offer an electronic wallet that complies with financial regulations and data privacy protection.
Establish a service control system for affiliates.
Development of easy-to-use applications that ensure that users can make transactions and manage their funds intuitively and without complications.
Establish a system of control and allocation of funds.
Ensure that the application works on various platforms and devices.
Ensure customer loyalty with a pleasant experience and a digital system that encourages a return to consumption.
Ensure that mobile applications are fast and efficient in terms of resource usage

How did Bambú resolve it?

Development based on good UI/UX research to make each application easy to use and intuitive for each target user
Frontend development process of two web and 2 mobile applications.
Use of Angular firebase technology to ensure the responsiveness of the apps and their support.
STP Key Account Provider Integrations, API Consumption with CRE.
Training and mediation process for the use of new technological tools.

Business impact

Management of credit and debit electronic wallet for clients from the app.
Expense control and consumption KPIS
Establishment of consumption limits and restrictions for members.
Reduction of tax burdens of the service.

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