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Terumo is a world leading company in the development of products and services in the area of ​​health care.
Bambú Mobile becomes Terumo’s strategic ally, with the design and development of a web platform to monitor compliance with the procedures corresponding to the regulatory controls of each country.
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+ 100 years of experience
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Employs more than 25,000 associates around the world
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Provides medical solutions to more than 160 countries
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+25 years in the market

Challenges of the organization

Terumo sought to streamline the regulatory access of its products in different countries, for which it required a technological ally to facilitate:
Have access to verified and timely information quickly and securely.
Understand the regulatory processes of each region.
Generate a strategic tool that allows you to maintain international compliance standards.
Protect the accessibility and security of the organization's information.
Design an intuitive interface that facilitates the agile mastery of regulatory control procedures for Terumo products.
Ensure the use of infrastructure that can scale at the pace of platform growth.

How did Bambú resolve it?

Understanding of the processes that are executed in different countries.
Identify the procedures, dates, people responsible and alerts for the development of a task manager based on the regulations.
Development of good practices UI Design/Development, to achieve a friendly and intuitive interface for users.
Integration of a stack that includes Angular Typescript NodeJS Azure.
Management of an MVP architecture, to solve problems of an eventual update without interrupting the operation of the organization.

Business impact

Mass upload of procedures, codes and products from Excel.
Updating process data.
Reception of alerts regarding the validity of the procedures through user control.
The productivity and organization of internal teams increased.
Management of vital information in a synthesized way in real time.

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