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National company dedicated to department stores innovates in its process of receiving section payments.
Bambú Mobile becomes the strategic ally of Tiendas del Sol for the construction and definition of the mCommerce channel for the marketing of its products, as well as providing continuity to its sections, subscriptions, electronic wallet, etc.
50 years of experience in the sector
Presence in 25 countries and more than 50 cities
+ 120 stores

Challenges of the organization

The organization sought to strengthen its market leadership and improve customer satisfaction through digital services.
Ensure the availability of the services provided for the high availability of the platform
Create an agile, simple, intuitive and secure experience for paying your items and acquiring new products
Transition the learning curve process from physical to digital payment with your customers

How did Bambú resolve it?

Tiendas del Sol and Woolworth become Bambú’s strategic ally for the creation of the digital tracking tool for section payments.
Use of agile methodologies for building platforms.
An architecture that is scalable over time was proposed, allowing technological development to grow as the business requires it.
Use of good UX/UI practices to obtain data regarding the interests, desires, needs and expectations of customers in their section payment experience.
A strategic digital transformation plan was proposed for the company, meeting the company's needs and customer expectations in the short and medium term.

Business impact

Increase in the section payment rate.
Opportunity for non-limiting operational and technological growth.
Significant increase in sales through the integration of the product catalog.
Maintain Tiendas del Sol and Woolworth as a company at the forefront in the implementation of tools at the service of their customers

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