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Rendichicas is a 100% Mexican gas station company, with the commitment to empowering women at work, while providing a quality product and honest service to the user. In addition to an innovative refueling system adaptable from small users to business fleets.
Bambú Mobile becomes the strategic ally of Rendichicas with the innovative proposal of the design and development of the mobile application for gas station customers, which allows the request for gasoline loading and payment from their mobile device.
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9 years of experience.
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71 service stations in 9 cities around the Mexican Republic.
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With +1,600 collaborators.

Challenges of the organization

Rendichicas sought to increase its sales by innovating its business model, while strengthening its service with incentives, for which it required a technological ally to facilitate:
Opening of a new digital channel for customer loyalty.
Ensure the protection of personal data and privacy of clients.
Design an interface that is easy to use and that allows you to request charging and invoice from your mobile phone.
Connection with hydrocarbon volumes to display consumption.
Generation of a system with tax databases to facilitate electronic invoicing.
Ensure the use of infrastructure can scale at the rate of growth of the app
Ensure the use of the app as a cross-platform (iOS / Android).

How did Bambú resolve it?

Standardization of processes with a technological system to ensure the continuity of the business model.
UI/UX research and design practices to understand and satisfy the interests, desires, needs and expectations of customers in their browsing experience and information control.
Use of AWS Well Architected to guarantee the scalability, robustness and security of the application.
Mobile Development that integrates use and connection with applications and functions such as: Payment Switch, WhatsApp, Rendichicas Systems

Business impact

Increase in income from gasoline loading requests.
Streamlining the payment and billing process.
Greater user control.
Receiving payments from your cell phone.
Integration of a rewards system.

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