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Auriga is a select shopping center that positions itself with the inclusion of the best luxury brands, while providing the user with a new universe of premium experiences.
Bambú Mobile becomes Auriga’s strategic ally with the design and development of a mobile application, which works as a tool that helps to have better communication with customers in order to gain their preference.
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Collaborate with more than 60 brands
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Commercially strategic location
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30 recreational entertainment spaces

Challenges of the organization

Auriga was looking for a tool that would give the opportunity to get closer to customers, to respond to their needs in a personalized way and improve their communication, for which it needed a technological ally to help it:
Develop customer affinity for the shopping center safely even during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Programming and decision-making challenges for technological integrations
Recognize and organize the needs of establishments and administration to establish app integrations that truly achieve customer affinity.
Ensure that the app turns out to be a useful tool for the client in a way that allows them to provide added value to the shopping center.
Investigate the ideal means of communication to design an intuitive and friendly interface that allows optimal connectivity with said means.
Develop a user management system that allows different administrators to easily and securely access to frequently update content on different media.
Define and systematize processes and activities to be carried out in the App.
Achieve a tool that allows the user to locate and navigate correctly within the shopping center.

How did Bambú resolve it?

Development of an incremental technological innovation process to search for a digital response that improves commercial flow with health standards.
Integration of a payment system for zero-contact parking in the mobile application that records entries and exits based on the registration and reading of the vehicle license plate.
Incorporation of a user control system for administrators and clients that allows the management of content and rewards programs.
Integration of the Big data system and management of angular technology to ensure the responsiveness, support and scalability of the site.
Advice on an appropriate stack for the development of the App, which integrated swft, Kotlin and firebase technologies
UI/UX research and design practices to streamline the experience of platform administrators.
Integration of a contact system and administrative controls.
Using Flutter technology to enable compatibility on IOS and Android systems

Business impact

Increase in product purchases.
Increase in the number of visitors to the shopping center.
Improved communication with a direct communication system with the client
Integration of rewards systems per store and general of the shopping center
Obtaining customer preference and recognition.
Application of zero-contact technological solutions in response to the pandemic.
Control in publication of promotions and events.

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