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Bambú Mobile becomes the strategic ally of Office Depot for the construction of a very innovative commercial digital channel (mCommerce), with the objective of venturing into omnichannel through the digital cart experience for the commercialization of office supplies.
Presence in 25 countries around the world
+1600 stores
+10,000 employees
+25 years of experience in the sector

Challenges of the organization

The organization sought to strengthen its market leadership and improve customer satisfaction through digital services.
Definition of scope and functionalities that the mobile application would have for its clients.
Create a strategic plan of launches and progressive versions according to customer expectations with the intention of achieving the maximum point of consumer experience.
Generation of missing technological resources in the organization.
Structural and operational changes with the opening of the new digital channel.

How did Bambú resolve it?

Office Depot becomes the firm’s ally to open a new commercial channel (mCommerce), with the aim of entering omnichannel:
Use of CFP methodologies to define scopes for MVP.
Digital transformation strategies were defined for the company, meeting the needs of the company and customer expectations in the short, medium and long term - Use of agile methodologies for the construction of platforms.
Use of UX Research techniques to obtain data regarding interests, desires, needs and expectations of consumers in their purchasing experience.

Business impact

Increased sales, coupled with the improvement in the mobile shopping experience.
Positioning in your sector with a highly competent tool.
Customer acquisition and loyalty.
The administration of its platform by the Bambú Mobile team allowed the Office Depot team to streamline processes and response times to focus on the vision and future needs of the platform.

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