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PROCESAR is a SAR National Database Operator company, which functions as a variable capital corporation established by a government initiative that allowed citizens to create an AFORE account in order to encourage voluntary savings among all Mexican citizens.
Bambú Mobile becomes Procesar’s strategic ally with the redesign of the Afore mobile application to a highly competent version in the market.
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+ 20 years of experience
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+ 5 M registered citizens.
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Savings plan for a national population.

Challenges of the organization

Procesar was looking for a way to motivate Mexican citizens to start their Afore voluntary savings, for which they looked for a technological ally that helps them with:
Implement a solid authentication system that allows you to optimize the biometric data validation process.
Detect the app's points of opportunity and the user's needs.
Redesign the app in order to make the registration and enrollment process more friendly and accessible for users.
Comply with all applicable laws and regulations, to ensure high financial security data protection.
Ensure that the interface design complies with government measures for personal data management and allows easy adaptation to constant regulatory changes.
Define a robust architecture, capable of supporting the technological requirements of the volume of data handled by Process.
Offer necessary educational tools and resources to help users correctly manage the application.

How did Bambú resolve it?

Execution of feasibility analysis in order to understand the processes, scale to business areas.
A social listening process was carried out with user interviews in order to find out the areas of improvement for the app.
Development and design of User Archetypes, to create a user experience map based on usability analysis.
Redesigned screen flows and UI style guide to generate an intuitive experience.
App proposal design with special attention to usage expectations adapted to the needs of the business model.
Presentation of editable prototypes of the redesign of the app for testing.
Execution of prototype validation processes with users in order to rectify the improvement proposal.

Business impact

Integration of an ally that reduces efforts
Development with specialists in the UX area
Delegation of specific UX tasks to optimize development resources

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